Landlord Studio & Rentastic: How They Work

February 27, 2024

In the world of property management, technology has revolutionized the game. Every property investor needs a robust system that handles every facet of real estate with finesse and accuracy.

The problem is that there are so many property management software options on the market today. It can be difficult to choose the one that’s right for your business, especially if you’re new to this game.

In this article, we’ll cover two of the most popular options: Landlord Studio & Rentastic and to help you decide which platform is best suited for your needs or if both products can be used in conjunction, we will compare their features, pricing, and overall functionality.

Landlord Studio's Key Features

Landlord Studio is an all in one mobile and web platform that simplifies real estate management. It offers unique features like expense tracking, tenant management, and analytics.

  1. Expense Tracking: Log expenses instantly by taking pictures of receipts. Landlord Studio categorizes and logs them for you.
  2. Tenant Management: The software enables landlords to send rent reminders, invoices, and receipt generation. It helps maintain tenant communication, resulting in efficient property operations.
  3. Analytics and Reporting: Landlord Studio offers detailed income and expense reports, rent rolls, and tenant information, among others.

Using this platform on its own can significantly improve real estate management. Integrating it with Rentastic, however, brings another dimension to streamlined operations.

Landlord Studio vs Rentastic

Rentastic and Landlord Studio

Rentastic superbly enhances the capabilities of Landlord Studio by incorporating ease of use alongside advanced financial sophistication. Together, they uplift your property management approach, leading to improved financial tracking, meaningful reports, and a more intuitive user experience.

Impeccable Financial Tracking

Rentastic excels in providing detailed financial tracking, a feature that finely complements Landlord Studio's tenant and property management capabilities. 

This coupled functionality arms property investors with precise income tracking and comprehensive expense management tools.

Consider a scenario where rental payment reminders are scheduled through Landlord Studio and payments are systematically recorded in Rentastic. 

With this pairing, you can automate and streamline the income tracking process, reducing errors and allowing you to make more strategic decisions.

Rentastic Laptop Dashboard

Instantaneous Reports and Enhanced User Experience

Up-to-the-minute financial knowledge is a boon for property investors—this is precisely what Rentastic provides. Customized financial reports can be generated on-demand, providing you with instant access to your latest investment data.

For instance, while Landlord Studio allows the generation of invoices and receipts for tenants, Rentastic lets you record this transaction as an income, thereby keeping your financial records instantly updated. 

Essentially, this fusion provides a seamless end-to-end property management solution that combines Rentastic's easy-to-understand financial graphics and Landlord Studio's user-friendly communication tools.

Person taking in a lot of information and getting an idea

Portfolio Analysis and Strategic Decision-making

Among Rentastic's unique features is its ability to provide both individual-property analysis and portfolio-level analysis, a feature that may complement Landlord Studio. 

While Landlord Studio facilitates effective tenant management across multiple properties, Rentastic shines a light on each property's financial merit and also compares them across your entire portfolio.

Combined, the overall operational data from Landlord Studio and Rentastic's financial insights offer an encompassing view of your portfolio. 

Comprehensive Investment Overview

For instance, suppose excessive maintenance costs are being recorded for a particular property in Landlord Studio; the financial analytics in Rentastic can help decipher whether these costs are negatively impacting the return on investment (ROI) for that property relative to other properties in your portfolio.

In essence, Landlord Studio and Rentastic combined can form a streamlined property management ecosystem that ensures both operational and financial aspects are given due attention. 

Payment Structures and Benefits

Should you feel unsure about using the two platforms together, understanding the payment structure and associated benefits of each could be instrumental in making a decision.

Landlord Studio operates on a $2.50 fee applicable to both landlord and tenant for all types of transactions. This cost remains static, ensuring that irrespective of the transaction volume, this cost remains consistent.

On the other hand, Rentastic depicts a versatile approach in its payment structure. 

The free account charges 2.5% on any transaction amount and, for instance, for a transaction of $1000, the fee would be $25. But Rentastic also offers a premium model costing less, 2.00%, or for the same $1000 transaction, $20. 

Users can choose from several options based on their operational scale and budget with this attractive pricing structure.

Moreover, Rentastic has optional Stripe fees for smoother transactions for $2 per account/month, or if you prefer direct transactions, the fee is 1.25% + $0.25/transaction on premium accounts.

Should you use both or just one?

Every property investor has unique needs. 

While some might find Landlord Studio or Rentastic sufficient on their own, others may be intrigued by their synergy. Integrating managerial and financial operations can result in a more efficient, streamlined operation.

However, if your focus leans towards a substantial accounting framework, Rentastic, with its competitive pricing structure and comprehensive financial reporting, could be your ideal platform. 

Remember, the key to successful real estate management is to identify the tools that best leverage your investments.


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