Track, Manage, and Analyze Transactions with Rentastic's Real Estate Software

Rentastic Transactions List View
Unlock the full potential of Rentastic's Transactions feature with our premium offering. Whether you are a property manager, real estate investor, or business owner, our premium features are designed to enhance your financial management experience.

Key Features of Transactions

  • Sleek List View UI:
    Experience a sleek and simple List View UI that highlights important transaction details, providing a quick overview of your financial activities.
  • Manual Transaction Entry:
    Manually add any transaction with all relevant information directly into the system, ensuring accurate and up-to-date financial records.
  • Advanced Filtering:
    Utilize advanced filtering features to quickly locate specific transactions based on criteria such as date, amount, category, or property, streamlining your search process.
  • Property Assignment and Categorization:
    Effortlessly assign transactions to specific properties and classify them into customizable categories, allowing you to organize your financial data in a way that makes sense for your business.

Premium Features

  • Classification Rules
    Take advantage of Classification Rules to automatically categorize transactions based on predefined criteria. Save time and ensure accuracy in your financial tracking.
  • Custom Categories
    Create your own custom categories to tailor the classification of transactions to your specific needs. Enjoy flexibility and customization in managing your financial data.
  • Transaction Splitting
    Divide your transactions effortlessly with the Split Transactions feature, ensuring that each expense or income item is accurately represented, providing a more granular view of your financial activities.
  • Duplicate Transaction Finder
    Maintain accurate financial records by identifying and managing duplicate transactions. Our Duplicate Transaction Finder ensures data integrity and consistency.
  • Receipt Upload
    Streamline your record-keeping by uploading receipts directly into the system. Attach supporting documentation to transactions for a comprehensive and organized financial history.
  • Bulk Import and Export
    Save time by bulk importing and exporting transactions, making it easy to migrate data and maintain consistency across your financial records.

Why Upgrade to Premium?

  • Scale Your Financial Management
  • Advanced Automation
  • Tailored Financial Tracking
  • Enhanced Detailing
  • Receipt Management
  • Scale Your Financial Management: Unlock the ability to manage an extensive number of transactions seamlessly.
  • Advanced Automation: Enjoy the convenience of automatic categorization with Classification Rules, saving you time and reducing manual effort.
  • Tailored Financial Tracking: Create and manage custom categories to ensure your financial data is organized according to your unique business requirements.
  • Enhanced Detailing: Split transactions for a more detailed breakdown, providing a clearer understanding of your financial activities.
  • Receipt Management: Upload and attach receipts directly to transactions for thorough record-keeping.
Upgrade today and elevate your financial management experience with Rentastic's Premium features.
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