Our Story

Rentastic started out as many other business ideas typically do -- usually attempting to solve or cure a problem, due to frustration.

Rentastic is built for real estate investors, BY real estate investors. The creators of Rentastic own multiple rental properties. As most investors soon come to find, accounting for all the different income and expenses can be a nightmare -- especially come tax time. While there are lots of different types of accounting software out there, too many attempt to be the end-all, be-all for every type of business.

Frustrated with the limited options, or the complexity and pricing of current options, the idea for Rentastic was born. Rentastic aims to be a super-simple, easy-to-use accounting software for all your rental properties -- and it's designed to do only that. No bells, no whistles, just straight to the point.

Rentastic literally wouldn't be possible without you, and because of that, we constantly want to improve to make the product better. If there's anything you'd like to see, please be sure to submit a feature request.

Thanks for all your support

The Rentastic Team