Mileage Tracker

Track every expense, understand your business better

Mileage Dashboard preview
Tracking mileage is crucial and Rentastic’s implementation simplifies the process even more.
With the Mileage feature, adding mileage data is quick and simple. You can effortlessly add a new drive and include essential details such as the trip's date, distance traveled, and purpose.

Add Mileage to your Report

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Exporting your mileage data is also hassle-free, allowing you to download your data in a format that suits your needs. Whether you're exporting data for tax purposes or conducting your own analysis, Rentastic's Mileage feature makes it convenient and straightforward.

Export you Mileage Report

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Maximize your tax deductions, improve your bottom line

The Mileage Dashboard provides a clear view of your finances, displaying important information such as total miles driven and the total deduction for the current year. 
Mileage Dashboard preview
This helps you quickly see how much you've saved on tax deductions, and it provides insight into your driving patterns to help you make more informed decisions. 
So why settle for a boring, confusing accounting system when you can have Rentastic's Dashboard working for you?
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