Simplify Tenant Management with Rentastic: Real Estate Accounting Made Easy

Tenant Grid View
Are you a property manager or real estate investor looking to maintain organized and efficient accounting records for your rental properties? Our Real Estate Accounting software is here to help, with a powerful tenant management feature that simplifies the process of keeping track of your tenants' basic information. Say goodbye to manual record-keeping and embrace a smarter, more convenient solution.

Key Features of Tenant Management

Tenant Profile Creation

Our user-friendly platform allows you to easily create and manage tenant profiles for each of your rental units. Capture vital tenant information in one central location.
Tenant Profile creation

Basic Tenant Information

Record essential tenant details such as names, contact information, move-in and move-out dates, and emergency contact information. Keeping this information at your fingertips helps you maintain clear communication with your tenants.
Tenants list view

Document Management

Store important tenant documents, such as ID copies, references, and insurance information, securely within the platform. Keep all necessary information organized and readily accessible.
Attachments for tenants

Data Security

Rest easy knowing that your tenant data is kept secure with robust encryption and data protection measures. Your tenants' privacy and sensitive information are our top priority.
Tenant security

Why choose Tenant Management Feature?

  • Efficiency:
    Streamline your property management processes by consolidating tenant information in one place. No more searching through spreadsheets or paper files.
  • Compliance:
    Ensure that you adhere to legal and regulatory requirements by maintaining accurate records of tenant information and lease agreements.
  • Improved Communication:
    Stay in constant contact with your tenants, enhancing your relationships and ensuring their needs are met promptly.
  • Financial Clarity:
    Easily track rent payments, manage outstanding balances, and generate financial reports, giving you complete control over your property's financial health.
  • Time-Saving:
    Free up your time from administrative tasks so you can focus on growing your real estate business or enjoying your investments.
Select which property you assign each tenant to and stay on top of your portfolio by being reminded which Property doesnt have any Tenants yet.
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