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Conduct Deal Analysis Instantly

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Get a quick and accurate analysis of your rental property’s financial potential with Rentastic's Deal Analyzer. 
Calculate cash flow and other key metrics and analyze prospective rental properties, make informed investment decisions in minutes. All while being able to snapshot these Deals and get back to them anytime!

Rentastic Deal Analyzer

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How the Deal Analyzer works

Deal Analyzer allows you to analyze a prospective rental property by entering its details such as property address, monthly income, expenses, and other purchase and financing details. 
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Advanced algorithm takes into account various factors, including purchase price, closing costs, repair costs, and after-repair value (ARV), providing an in-depth analysis of the property.
It can also calculate the net operating income, net cash flow per unit (CFPU), cash-on-cash return, purchase cap rate, and 1% rule to help you make better and faster decisions about your investment. 

Calculate Monthly Revenue and Expenses

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But keep in mind, while our Deal Analyzer is a powerful tool, it's important to conduct proper due diligence and consult with investment professionals before making any investment decisions.